COVID Confusions and Crossroads

Fascinating how many people find themselves at crossroads right now.

Are you one of them?

If so, what is your dilemma?

People I have spoken with this week vary from feeling that they have no choice, others feel this is a perfect time to choose a new path and some are too overwhelmed by all the change to choose at all.

There is so much constant change going on and, and pace is fast.  There is a feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty as to what path to follow.  This is particularly noted in the battle of “should I go to work or should I stay at home” to work.

Earlier this week, I was involved in a conversation where a business owner voiced his frustrations with having to consider the now additional needs of parents he employs.  His business has been crippled by COVID, he has held on and managed to top up those that have been furloughed.  However, it is crunch time and difficult conversations need to be had with all the team.

His dilemma – does he make those people who have kids redundant because if they cannot deliver then everyone loses out and the business folds!  I know… this links directly into diversity and inclusion.  It makes me wonder how many more people will be penalised for reasons beyond their control as business owners make some tough decisions in the next few weeks.

So, what is the right way forward when at a crossroads in career or life?

I believe, it comes back to getting clear about what is important to you.

It is how you think about the position of being at a crossroads.  Are you perceiving your position to be opportunity or forced? Being at a crossroad is a powerful place when you are clear about what you stand for and have clarity about your future path.

How you think about the crossroad is important.  Are you giving into the feeling of overwhelm or are you approaching the crossroads with a calm measured approach and realising that there is no need to cross until you are clear about what you want from your next chapter.

I recently shared this quote with a few people “Coaching makes you go further, faster”.

Now is the perfect time to engage with a Coach who will help you move forward.

Good luck!