Ways to wellness in a world of uncertainty

In this time of uncertainty, also known as a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) we need to look after ourselves and each other.  In order to be able to survive and thrive through this uncertain period getting back to basics is key.

Our brains are very powerful and one thing that certainty that we have is that humans are designed to survive!  

How do we do this?  Through the basics of diet, exercise and sleep.  Having a little bit of fun and making personal progress.  It is important that we feel that we are moving forward and not “stagnating”.
In summary, a few ideas to help you with your wellbeing during the next few weeks:
1. Diet, exercise & sleep – resist temptation to eat the wrong foods

2. Have some fun – short term gratification

3. Personal progress – set small daily goals (wellbeing as well as “to do”)

Yes, I am aware that the shops don’t necessarily have the foods that we might prefer.  We need to be operating from a logical perspective and not accessing our naughty emotional chimp brain and overreacting.  Leave the big decisions to the people who are in power to do that and we simply need to take control of our immediate circle and our wellbeing.

Start your day with a little Self-awareness “check in”.  This can be a quick scan of your emotions, your achievements for yesterday (wellbeing and “to do” list).  Note the things that are bothering you right now.  (Parents, children, food, full house, exercise routine, routine in general).

Check in on the thoughts you are having.  Are they helpful or unhelpful thoughts?  Taking control of our thought process is key and will make us feel more in control and reduce our stress levels. 

If unhelpful thoughts, try one of my favourite reframing techniques, FAB!  This works best, if you write this down.  Find a little notebook and let this be your COVID-19 way to wellness diary.  Writing things down clears our thinking.  We hold onto between 5 – 7 bits of information at anyone time, so writing enables you to focus on the important things.

F – Fortunate  What are you able to be fortunate about today? Weather, food, health, friends, family, work, financial situation, clean water, ability to wash your hands with soap….

A – Adapt  How can you adapt your goals right now?  Reset your goals to match the current environment.  That important meeting that got cancelled, reschedule it.  Refocus on the diet you are following if the food is not available, just reset and adapt.  This too shall pass.

B – Benefits  What are the benefits of this changed situation for you.  Take some time to remind yourself of the benefits of working from home, being able to spend precious time with loved ones, do the reading you have always wanted to, less or no time commuting, redecorating….

Enjoy capturing your thoughts!