Every choice you have has an end result

Life is all about choice.

Every choice you make has an outcome or a consequence.  The more choices we make on our own the more we acknowledge our freedom.  Not having choice is not having freedom.  The sooner you acknowledge that your life is 100% within your own hands the better.

Sometimes we seek to blame others or things for our situation.  And yes, sure we can be a consequence of something bigger than us. At times we find ourselves being “just a number” of a large corporation or a “pawn” on the chess table.  However, we still get to choose how we respond to the thing that has happened.

The one thing no-one can take away from you is your ability to choose your attitude.  One of my favourite author’s, Viktor Frankl says this best in his quote, “Everything can be taken from man, but the one thing, the last of our human rights, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

The above has been taken from one of my Ingrid Inspirational videos in my FaceBook group Dreams, Goals and Decisions.  Come and join us there to share more about how you can achieve your way forward!

Question:  What attitude are you choosing to support you through the changes you are going through right now?  Share below