About Ingrid

I empower people to find their goals and achieve them, so they can live with freedom, clarity, and confidence.

I’ve experienced it all: Divorce, Debt, Death, and Redundancy & lived in over 18 places just to add flavour to the journey!

Learning to live with constant change and learning how to flip negatives and fear into positives has become my passion and natural way of life.

I love to help companies support their leaders and teams to connect with their values, purpose and goals in this ever-changing world. I recognise the value of having clear goals and feeling connected to your purpose to help propel you forward to your success.

Fear is one of our biggest “showstoppers” in helping us progress forward and learning how to overcome “fear” is powerful and an enabler for continued progress and growth. As a reminder of this growth I have chosen to keep the family name of Fear, even though I am no longer part of the family!

I realised early on that my strategy for handling change was different to many around me and somehow, I became more positive and more focused each time. I share this strategy in one of my workshops, Fabulous Fear. Life is not a dress rehearsal!

My purpose in life is to empower, inspire and enable others to live their best lives.

I am driven to enable others find their purpose, work towards their visions and goal whilst maintaining balance and wellbeing. I do this through coaching, facilitation of workshops, both open and corporate.

I have over 20 years of experience working with people in both small business and corporate environments. This experience, combined with my leadership and personal development skills of coaching (ICF), NLP Master Practitioner, Goal Mapping Practitioner, Resilience Practitioner (RQi), Emotional Intelligence (EQi) training has led me to where I am today, happy and grateful!

If you want to live with purpose, positivity, passion and progress, I would love you to connect with me!

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