Life lessons from a 6-year-old

To perform well, one needs to be prepared to fall and humble enough to learn from the right person.

I often use the quote “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.” Little did I know that my teacher appeared as a 6 year old little girl, last week.

Snow skiing is not my thing. I have tried to learn to ski 3x previously and vowed I would never been seen on a ski slope every again in my life. Never say never….

A family holiday in Austria last week had me under a little pressure to give it one more go. I went back to basics and joined the kids in their beginners class where we began with learning how to stand on our ski’s without sliding back down the mountain!

Positive mindset initially escaped me as I struggled with my internal negative chitter chatter about how much I despised skiing and that this was simply one outdoor sport I would never enjoy. My ego and pride were very present on Day 1 as I refused to allow myself to fall (in front of the kids). Unhelpful to growth and improved performance.

As the week progressed and I noticed how little 6-year-old Belle’s attitude had shifted from “this is too difficult” to “this is fun”, I made a decision to observe her behaviour and simply do what she did.

By Day 4 – we skied down the full mountain (blue run for those that know) at our own pace. We did it! Success!

So what where the performance lessons I learned from little Belle?

  • Trust – yourself and your leader
  • Desire – have enough desire to want to learn (hers was to ski with Mummy and Daddy)
  • Courage – to push through the tough moments (They are only moments after all.)
  • Presence – stay present in the moment. Avoid worrying about what might come.
  • Play – have fun whilst learning! (We had “naughty white rabbits who kept popping out of the snow to make us fall.”)
  • Self-belief – anything can happen if you believe in yourself
  • Baby steps forward – focus on your next move not the whole mountain
  • Refuel – there is always time for a break and hot chocolate!

Not my usual posting and a little vulnerability being shared on my part. We are all human and can achieve our best if we find the right ingredients.

Whether you are a leader or not, there is always something to learn. Step away from ego and pride and towards humbleness, growth, courage, trust, desire, play, self-belief and remember to refuel.

Who have been your “teachers” in your growth?