We are not all Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Ghandi

Purpose is one of the strands that feeds into our ability to be resilient.   Making sure that we are not feeling “adrift at sea” or “lost in the woods”, to quote some of you.

It is important to find small ways to find meaning in your work or your day.

According to a recent study, we are going through something called “The Great Re-evaluation” where people are leaving their jobs and taking time to rethink what brings them a sense of purpose and reconsider what they want from their lives.

The reduced volume of time and energy “wasted” commuting to and from work has highlighted how much of our lives we had lost control over and so I encourage you to use this upcoming natural pause in life, the festive season, to reflect on your own purpose and reasons for doing what you do within your working days.

What do you “get” from your work?  How does it “fuel your fire”?


To get you thinking, below are some ideas shared by others, feel free to share yours too:

  • Building and maintaining meaningful relationships (Business Development)
  • Making sure my work supports my life not the other way around.
  • As a teacher it is about shaping future generations
  • Having a creative role helps others escape their life (Film Industry).
  • Finding joy in each day is my purpose
  • Instead of “spinning plates” and being reactive …. I reflect on the impact our product has on customers. In other words, “I help heat people’s homes”. (Energy Company)
  • My work does not fulfil me enough, so I find purpose outside of my work by volunteering elsewhere. This balances the scale for me.

So, a few ideas above for you to ponder.  We are not all Nelson Mandela or Mahtma Ghandi with big life purposes, but it is important to connect with each day and know that there is a reason for being.

To help you at a very simple level, click here to identify 5 areas where you are fulfilled and 5 areas that may need a little nudge or a shift.  Of course, I am happy to help with the shift or the nudge through coaching or 2022 workshops.  Contact me on ingrid@blueinspiration.co.uk