Sense check your emotional resilience

“Resilience is a muscle, flex it enough and it will take less effort to get over emotional punches each time.” Alecia Moore

I was recently introduced to a great book; The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and it’s got me thinking about a lot of the challenges people who desire success constantly face.  The nugget being that our actions and behaviours require consistency!  This should not be a surprise to us.

I began to wonder how the recent “hard stop” impacted people chasing dreams to achieve their success. Did people remain committed to their targets or did they “give up” and blame lockdown for getting in the way?  The thing is the sun will come up tomorrow again….

I believe that those who simply adapted their approach yet remained consistent with healthy activities and actions have achieved or are closer to their goals, making them stronger and more emotionally resilient. Having emotional resilience is the difference between wanting a dream and turning your dream into a reality.  As a result, I thought it only right to share how to do a little sense check on where you are from an emotional resilience perspective.

The below characteristics come naturally to some and for others the great news is, these are characteristics that can be built.  So how do you fair against these 10 emotional resilient characteristics?  

Purpose – Find your reason for being, find the thing that makes your heart sing.  It will propel you forward.  Avoid going through each day on autopilot, from one area of life to another, just because…

Optimism – Find the silver lining when the going gets tough.  The more we practice finding the good when it is tough the easier it will become, and we will spend less time in the negative state.

Community – We are a social species!  Find your tribe!  Accept your limitations and find people to help you.  We are not meant to do this alone. Nurture your relationships.  Expand on your tribe.

Evolve – Keep learning and growing.  Develop yourself.  Find new hobbies.  Stagnation is not an option if you wish to be emotionally resilient.  Become the best version of yourself!

Goals – Set goals and you have direction.  Having clarity about your destination in times of chaos is important.  Having the goals help you steer through your days of uncertainty.  Reconnect.

Wellbeing – Take care of yourself.  Only you can do this.  Others can nag or advise.  It is your choice.  Exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep, and create healthy habits.

Change – Learn to adapt to change whether it is circumstantial or choice. Nothing is guaranteed in life, apart from change. Refusing to adapt will cause stress.  Get ahead of the change curve.

Self-belief – You’ve got this!  Believing in yourself to overcome life’s challenges will give you a head start and reduce the worry and the stress of not believing in yourself.

Proactive – Always scan the horizon whilst enjoying the “now”. We know that change will happen so anticipate what it might be and be proactive about your actions

Solve Problems – Get creative about how you solve problems.  Tackle the problem rather than avoiding them… there will be more so learning how to solve the problems will become easier.

If you would like more information or to have a coffee and a chat about the above, please contact me, I would love to hear from you!