Precious Moments in Seasons of Change

This week we have been blessed with amazing weather that has enabled me to enjoy some lovely early morning walks along the River Thames.  At this time of year there is a temperature inversion just above the ground, creating amazing views of light mist floating above the ground and the river.

Swans on the River ThamesThis morning I walked and talked the 6km route along the towpath with an elderly neighbour who despite being from a different generation put life into perspective again.  I am often surprised at where life’s reminders come from.  This morning it was from my neighbour.  The picture was taken by me and will remain a wonderful reminder of today’s lesson of appreciating time.

The lesson: 

Embrace every moment of our time on this earth.  Never take life for granted.  Each moment is precious.  All we ever have is the moment you have right now. Don’t take your relationships for granted and make sure that you are letting your loved ones know how much you love them.

His story behind the lesson:

Some time ago, it was a normal day and a scheduled routine medical check-up for my neighbour.  He was required to stay in hospital for the day and chose to use the morning to catch up on some sleep.

He was woken by a friend at midday to be told that his lovely fit and healthy wife had been admitted to the same hospital and had suffered a brain haemorrhage during the morning whilst at home.  She had managed to call an ambulance.  She passed away 4 days later not having woken up.

It is moments like this that help us realise how precious each moment is.  All we have in life is time and each other.  Let’s work together to make sure we take time out to enjoy each other’s company.  Connect, laugh and love.  Create precious memories now!

What is it going to take for us to learn from the older generations?  For years we have been hearing the same message and yet as younger generations we somehow think we are resilient to life’s key messages.  E.g. “slow down, take it easy, embrace life, and take time out to smell the roses”

As the younger generation’s step up to make their imprint on this world, technology is developing faster than we ever thought possible.  We all have to adjust and keep updating ourselves on how to incorporate the next of technology into our lives.  Heavens, there is even research that is proposing that our thumbs are a key part to our future survival in the new world of technology.  We are no longer reliant on our “yellow page” walking finger!

Seasons will always come and go and our environment will adapt and change with the seasons.  As humans, we need to adapt to our environmental changes, however, one thing that must remain constant is our appreciation for each other in each moment as the world changes around us.