Percy and Will

Earlier this week I introduced two characters to my FaceBook audience, Percy & Will. They had been introduced to me by a dear little 90 year old lady who has certainly understood challenges in life including being a child during the London Blitz. Surviving and escaping those challenges on a daily basis will have resulted in excellent resilience being developed.

The ability to push through and overcome all obstacles that we are faced with only helps us to be able to grow in strength. Getting through the obstacles is one thing and then taking the learnings is another benefit of obstacles.

The next time you are faced with a challenge of some sort, I would like you to take Percy & Will forward with you. Percy will help you with perseverance and Will is your willpower and drive to overcome and achieve.

Without perseverance and determination to achieve and succeed you will remain where you are and feel lost and helpless.

Tapping into the knowledge of the mature people within our society is something that we do not do enough of these days. Instead of seeing an older person who can no longer do the things that you can still do, how about you sit down over a cup of tea and find out what has kept them moving through life? What is their equivalent of Percy and Will? Let me know what you learn!