How does weather impact your motivation?

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever must be done, it’s always your choice.”  Wayne Dyer

How does weather impact your motivation?

Hot August days in the UK have caused many of us to completely STOP!  I found myself having an internal struggle with what I “must” get done and “have” to achieve each day vs  just enjoying the shade in the garden watching the bees buzz by.

And then, I  thought about the wider world and the struggles people are having right now, Beirut, COVID, oil spills in Mauritius, loss of jobs, companies struggling to stay afloat to name a few and I wonder how those impacted by these global challenges are managing to motivate themselves to keep moving forward each day?  They are certainly not allowing the weather to impact their progress, I assume.

How pathetic that I have allow ed hot weather to impact my daily drive!  Putting life into perspective is a humbling experience and somehow, I find myself doing this more often these days.  What a strange few month’s we have had and will continue to have.

So, having gained perspective, I find myself writing this down to share. How do we motivate ourselves to keep moving forward whilst aware of the struggles of those around the world who are going through a really tough time?  I am interested in your response.

At the risk of being insensitive to those that are really struggling through no fault of their own, I would like to propose that we have a duty of care to continue creating and building a world that cares for all.  Creating a world that is kind, thoughtful and caring.  Building supportive and trusting communities. A world that seeks to thrive and not only survive?

So back to motivation, is it right that some of the world are seeking to grow and build their fortunes and others are merely trying to make it to sunset of each day?  What would you say to someone like me struggling for motivation in hot weather, whilst you are potentially experiencing one of the horrendous scenarios mentioned above?

Questions I have recently been asked of people from my world of “struggling for motivation in hot weather” have recently asked me similar questions, such as:

“I am struggling with motivation and decisions to work for myself or stay employed”

“Why can’t I stay in line?”

“How do I prioritise my own goals alongside those of my children?”

The thing is the above questions are real questions from real people who have been also desire to survive and thrive.  And I loved being reminded of a previous message from a 90 year old lady….  Please meet Percy and Will.

“How does hot weather impact your motivation?”  My response, “Perspective and gratitude”.

So, let’s tap into hope to get us through these challenging times and I encourage you all to pause when you need to pause, and keep taking baby steps forward.  Moving forward in any circumstance is your choice.  Let’s do this!