Freelance Facilitation

Bringing my personal and professional experience forward into leadership development workshops is where I find my heart singing.

Sharing leadership skills and empowering new leaders to have the confidence, tools and techniques to step into their careers is both a privilege and rewarding experience.

Enabling and supporting new leaders in discovering their purpose, vision, goals, personal brand, gaining clarity about the kind of leader they wish to be, helping them create and form their team, whilst recognising the value and importance of communications and the power of skills such as Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, DiSC profiling and personal resilience are a few of the confidence building tools and techniques shared during these interactive and open workshops.

If you are thinking of adding value by helping your colleagues grow and develop through expansion of their leadership and personal development skills, we would love to have an initial discussion to help you formulate a successful end to end solution that will inspire and support change. 

Time To Book a Facilitation Session

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