Finding FLOW

Having one word to focus for the year ahead will enable me to re-centre myself and remind myself what this year is all about. 

The word FLOW, for me is powerful and one that creates movement and ease.  It means following the path of least resistance.  It means having the ability to adapt and make changes in the last moment thus reducing stress and if you imagine that, like a river that flows, when there is an obstacle in the way (bolder), the river simply flows around, under or over it and continues its merry way until it reaches its ultimate goal of meeting up with the sea. 

And better still, if we stay with the analogy of water flowing, we all know exactly how powerful water is.  With consistent flow in the same direction, water gently erodes rock surface and ultimately creates fantastic canyons.

Consistency of anything will result in an outcome.  What are you consistent with? And therefore, what outcomes are you getting?  Perhaps you want to change your outcome?  Change your course consistently and you will achieve your new outcome.

A state of FLOW is what I seek to help my clients achieve.  When we are in a state of flow you feel completely “in the moment”, energized and “connected to purpose”.  When you are in a state of flow, nothing else matters and you remain clear and calm.

To achieve a state of flow, 3 key things need to happen:

  • Clear goals
  • Clear structure and direction
  • Clear immediate feedback

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is to go with flow.

Creating balance in life, as you know, is very important to me and one way to do this is to connect with nature.  Nature flows with the seasons that don’t always arrive on time and yet it is still successful in providing all that we need to survive as humans.

So, what will your ONE word for the year be and why?  Let me know!