Feel the Rhythm, Feel the beat, it’s YOU time….!

“Don’t die with music still inside you.” Dr Wayne W. Dyer

I have been working with a wonderful client who has introduced drumming as part of a workshop to build relationships and understand communication more effectively.  This is a fascinating module where delegates learn the art of drumming within one hour through which they build confidence in their ability to learn new skills, quickly.  This module weaves in key messages such as;  trusting each other and one self (to do the right thing), leadership skills (we need someone to direct us) and team work (one beat is never as strong as a team of drummers) etc.

TPicture of drumshis session is full of fun and energy and people really “shake it loose and let it fall” and soon all inhibitions that are managed within a work environment are lost.  People sway to the rhythm and hold a constant smile on their faces.

This got me to thinking about our lives in general and how we have forgotten to listen and flow with our emotions and roll with the rhythm of the energies within and around us.  Nature does this successfully.

Following the flow and beat of life has got to be the way forward.  Our ancestors did this, they adapted to the change of seasons and life as it unfolded.

Being aware of how we  conduct our own beat to life is important. Are we choosing to play sad tunes constantly or are we recognising that from time to time we may need to retune our song to ensure that we create a happier or more helpful rhythm?

Life is a constant and dynamic rhythm. Right now as we enter autumn and approach winter, with golden leaves falling all around us, and the trees showing us how to release and let go; how to retreat back to the earth to be nurtured and replenished.

Everything vibrates; ebbs and flows, expands and contracts and gently changes. It is said that the ‘only constant is change’. As we approach the latter part of the year; it is a good time to reflect on where you are and what you still wish to achieve in 2016.  Have you missed a beat in 2016?

Presently there is a lot of raised awareness about Mindfulness and Wellbeing. More and more the medical world is acknowledging that in the past they focussed on curing people that were already ill (mentally) and excitingly we are now recognising that we need to find ways to sustain our Wellbeing or prevent  unhealthy mind-sets to avoid mental health illness.

How is this linked to drumming?  Well, if we continue to an unhealthy rhythm it will become an ingrained tune and we will solidify those neural pathways.  As we are the masters of our own mind-set, we have the ability to select the tunes we play for ourselves.  If you notice that you are regularly playing a tune that is unhelpful, make a conscious decision to change the tune into a helpful rhythm. Retune and retrain your mind-set to play your music.

If you need help with retuning your thoughts and getting back into flow, contact me on ingrid@blueinspiration.co.uk