Do you “kill time”?

What do you think about the term “killing time”?

I met with a friend who has had quite a lot of life thrown at her in recent months and we started talking about life in general and how precious life and time are.  This instigated discussion about the phrase often used by many “I’m just killing time today”.

What does phrase mean to you?  What might is suggest about you if you use this phrase?

For us, it is an aggressive, inconsiderate and disrespectful phrase to life itself.  Imagine going through your day with a sole focus of “killing time”. What a very negative approach to the day.  Certainly will encourage more boredom and missed opportunities of you follow the Law of Attraction.  Remember what we put “out there” is all part of the energy in the world.  Be very careful of your thoughts and language as you go about your day.

Time is most precious commodity we have in life.  We are not guaranteed our next breath. Embrace every moment of time offered to you.

I love this quote from author, Paulo Coelho – “Do something instead of killing time because time is killing you.”

And consider this:  “There is only one thing more precious than time, it’s who we choose to spend it with!”  Leo Christopher.  SO, who will you choose to spend your precious time with today?