Do you “kill time”?

What do you think about the term “killing time”? I met with a friend who has had quite a lot of life thrown at her in recent months and we started talking about life in general and how precious life and time are.  This instigated discussion about the phrase often used...

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Percy and Will

Earlier this week I introduced two characters to my FaceBook audience, Percy & Will. They had been introduced to me by a dear little 90 year old lady who has certainly understood challenges in life including being a child during the London Blitz. Surviving and...

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How to be Mindfully Resilient during Christmas Chaos

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” It’s here!  The countdown has begun.  The spending frenzy is in flow. The emotions are running high. Excitement for time with family and friends is confused with resentment for expectations of us. The...

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