About Me

I love Fear! Fear is my surname! I’ve learnt to make light of fear (of change).ingrid2

Imagine booking a table for 2 at a restaurant and discovering a couple with the family name “Fright” were sat next to us!

I also love elephants! I spent 3 years volunteering in an elephant National Park and what I learnt, is that elephants are true examples of leadership, gentleness, playfulness, resilience and reliability. All of these characteristics dovetail into my own values of trust, adventure, family and developing others.

I’ve lived the roller coaster of life and all that it throws at us. I have no idea what life without constant big changes might look like.

I’ve experienced it all: Divorce, Debt, Death, and Redundancy & lived in a few countries just to add flavour to the journey!

Learning to make light of fear, live with constant change and learning how to “Flip it” into a positive has become my passion and natural way of life.

I realised early on that my strategy for handling change was different to many around me and somehow I became more positive and more focused each time. I share this strategy in one of my workshops, Fabulous Fear.  Life is not a dress rehearsal!

My purpose in life is to empower, inspire and enable others to live their best lives. Purpose, positivity and wellbeing are my passions!

I am driven to enable others find their purpose, work towards their visions and goal whilst maintaining balance and wellbeing. I do this through coaching, facilitation of workshops, both open and corporate.

I have over 25 years of experience working with people in both small business and corporate environments. This experience, combined with my leadership and personal development skills of coaching (ICF), NLP Master Practitioner, Goal Mapping Practitioner, Resilience Practitioner (RQi), Emotional Intelligence (EQi) training has led me to where I am today, happy and grateful!

Join me for a Fabulous Fear workout! We’ll face it, flip it and let you find your future freedom!