Blue Inspiration


My name is Ingrid Fear. With my help, you can be clear about your future, enjoy more confidence, find your purpose, know how to be resilient, achieve your goals, have balance and simply be happier as you find that feeling of freedom! Over the past 10 years, I have coached, developed and empowered people to achieve the results they desire.  As an Empowerment Coach I love to reach people in both their personal and working lives.  I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them live their best lives. Seeing the bounce in people when they know their path, is my joy!

Life is all about being happy and feeling free, now!

My definition and understanding of “freedom” is, realising you have choice to choose your own direction in life.  Knowing and understanding that you have choice, is so liberating!

Blue Inspiration is a result of fueling my purpose and dream to help people help themselves and get the best out of their lives and careers. One small positive change each day will ultimately lead towards a better future.

Too many people feel trapped in life whether that is in career or in personal lives. This trapped feeling is the result of their lifestyle choices and expectations of themselves and of others.  Experience tells me that this is a very large percentage of our society. We chase the money and lifestyle that we believe will make us happy and before we know it, we are on a treadmill and we don’t know when or how to hit the “pause” button.  So we keep going and become tired, loose hope, feel trapped, loose ourselves and the most precious component of life given to each of us …. Time! Not to mention that feeling of happiness and freedom.

Helping others to find purpose and reason in all that they do so that they manage their time with responsibility, gratefulness and acceptance has become my passion. Enabling others to achieve that ever so important feeling of freedom!

Through Blue Inspiration I have worked with a variety of sectors of life where it has been my privilege to coach, inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves, learn techniques that enable them to be happier, resilient, healthier and clear about their future.

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“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!” Viktor Frankl